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Join my Toronto-based leadership coach and consultant, Lynette Turner, and me as we tackle topics and issues relevant to today’s organizations.
We explore emerging trends in leadership—from organizational culture and social organization transformation, to how technology is exponentially changing the face of what we consider effective work and leadership.

If you value leadership at all levels, consistently strive to improve yourself and be a better colleague, friend and leader, you’ll want tune in. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play and make sure to follow us on SoundCloud.

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And in Walked Henry!

Story: Last week I was listening to a very touching NPR radio piece about a pediatric oncologist, who conducted a precarious cancer intervention on an infant born at 35 weeks. This incredible doctor and support team administered chemotherapy to attack a large spinal tumor the first day the baby was outside the womb. The fear […]

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No Office For You!

Story: I had an incredible office on the executive floor, with a spectacular view overlooking the river valley at my last company. In fact, upon reflecting over my long career, I marvel at the some of the offices I’ve had in my role as a company officer. As an example, my office at a Fortune […]

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What’s Shame Got to Do With It?

Story: How effectively are you personally leading through all the massive change in your work environment? Everywhere I go these days leaders are asking for insight and guidance to help navigate through the massive disruption that’s impacting literally every industry. In most cases, the approach is examined from a collective, strategic or organization framework. That’s […]

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