Culture Cast – Conversations on Leadership

Join my Toronto-based leadership coach and consultant, Lynette Turner, and me as we tackle topics and issues relevant to today’s organizations.
We explore emerging trends in leadership—from organizational culture and social organization transformation, to how technology is exponentially changing the face of what we consider effective work and leadership.

If you value leadership at all levels, consistently strive to improve yourself and be a better colleague, friend and leader, you’ll want tune in. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play and make sure to follow us on SoundCloud.

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Introducing the ‘Rubis And Friends’ Podcast

  Lorne Rubis’ life purpose is advancing people and the workplace through leadership and culture. He has spent his career making this happen and was recently awarded the Ivey Academy, Ivey School of Business Lifetime Achievement award for his contributions to these topics in Canada and beyond. Join him and friends as they take an […]

Abundance Accountability Podcast Respect

New Culture Cast Podcasts Coming in April!

Hey Culture Cast fans!  We’re happy to announce that new Culture Cast podcasts will be coming your way in April! Stay tuned for Season 3!  In the meantime, if listeners have any questions or thoughts, feel free to email the podcast at CultureCastPodcast@gmail.com. Also, we’ve started a Q/A series that will be posted every other Wednesday, […]