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Loving Limitations!

Key Point: I’ve always asked people who worked for me to do more than the resources available seem to support. Why? I believe constraints are helpful because they allow us to prioritize, make choices, and be resourceful. Limitations can inspire creativity and build enormous character. You discover that some people focus on the limitations and […]

Abundance Be Abundant

Wisdom of Chairman of the Board

Key Point: Serious directors on boards of significant organizations have so much to teach us. Unfortunately, few of us ever get to observe, let alone participate, on public boards. And the Board Chairs are often most interesting because they have the responsiblity to extract value from both the board and management. To do this effectively […]


Women Carrying the Casket

Key Point: My mother-in-law, Louise Crowley, passed away last week. She was 96, a remarkable human, and someone I’ve known and loved for 50 years. One of her dying wishes was to have her granddaughters (including our proud daughters who also loved her so much) be the pallbearers at her funeral. My wife, her daughter, […]


How Much More Meaningful Can Your Job be in 2018?

Key Point: “Purpose isn’t magic — it’s something we must consciously pursue and create. With the right approach, almost any job can be meaningful.” This is a quote from a wonderful HBR article by John Coleman. You may have read this site and/or listened to our podcasts in which we’ve reinforced the importance of “purpose” […]

Abundance Be Abundant

Respectfully and Safely Yours

Key Point: Personal safety and the feeling that accompanies it is a freedom that we need to fiercely protect whether at work or anywhere. I remember the first time I was in Tokyo in 1989. I was returning to the hotel after being out for the evening and it was well past midnight. What struck […]


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