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A Series On Our 10 ATBs

Story: We had a serious debate in our company regarding the importance of having clearly articulated values. Some folks had the view that hiring people with the right DNA (basic attributes) was sufficient. Others like myself, felt that we need to be more explicit in declaring what to expect from each other. While we wanted […]


The Batsh*t Chapter

Story: “I’ve never met the CEO of the company I worked at before, let alone taken a selfie with him or her.” “That’s the first time I’ve ever had a conversation with someone at the VP level.” “I can’t believe the CEO actually responded to my suggestion when I emailed.” Those are the comments I […]


Let’s Take a Walk Together

Story: “Mr. Rubis, we are so happy to see you again. Thank you for returning to our hotel. We know you’re likely too busy to fully utilize our loyalty program, so we have taken the liberty of moving you to a suite before your upgrade certificates expire this week. And I want to remind you […]


Hug a Board Member Today

Story: I’m just finishing up Module 3 of the University of Toronto’s, Rotman School of Management, highly touted ICD Directors Education program. I’m learning a great deal from a world class faculty and classmates, all current or aspiring Board members. One thing I’m quite surprised about is the number of Boards that are underperforming relative […]

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Creating Magical Moments

Story: I spend a lot of time talking to execs across a wide variety of industries. Frankly, most of my conversations involve well-intended ideas from leaders who genuinely care, yet are afflicted with exceptionally lousy execution regarding what really matters to employees and customers. We have become so good at wanting to do everything, that […]

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Friggin’ Obvious in 1916

Story: Our Company Chair is a very wise and accomplished man, perhaps a bit of a curmudgeon, and full of insight based on years of doing the hard work of the hard work. One of his trigger points is complexity. If someone presenting to the board does so in a web of tangled nonsense, the […]

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