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New Peer to Peer Power

Story: Some people who worked with me implementing the Google G Suite platform at my previous company still think it was primarily a technology initiative. However my team’s intent was to create a work renaissance and revolution. My belief is the old power controlling resources, innovation and decision making is dissolving rapidly. New power values […]

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Living the Best of No. 41

Story: I wore No. 41 playing football in both high school and college. When I pulled the jersey over my shoulder pads, a sense of fierce obligation to my teammates and commitment to victory soaked into my whole being. It became my lucky number. So this blog is dedicated to the No. 41, and of […]

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Rethinking Gifts at Work This Holiday

Story: The following note (I’ve removed information that might disclose the person’s identity) was unexpected, and came from someone I’ve not connected with very much over the last couple of years. It made me a little choked up. “I wanted to reconnect to say what an absolute privilege it was to be a part of […]

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