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My Boss is an Algorithm!

Story: How do you feel about your boss being an algorithm? The algorithm can promote or “deactivate” you based on continuous data assessment. Hopefully this excerpt from a recent article in the NYT by Alex Rosenblat will get you thinking. This is happening now! “There are nearly a million active Uber drivers in the United […]

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Do You Have a Waffle House Strategy?

Story: How bad is Hurricane Michael? (A category 4 storm with sustained 150+ mph winds). Waffle House reportedly closed down 30 restaurants in the storm’s path for the foreseeable future. That’s a WOW! Why? Waffle House, the 24/7 comfort-food chain, is notable for keeping the doors open when hurricanes and other natural disasters strike. With […]

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Avoiding Generosity Burnout

Story: It’s Canadian Thanksgiving and the themes of gratitude and generosity are abound. As I listen closely to the undertone of many casual conversations between family and friends, I am interested in how many people see themselves as “givers,” yet are quietly disappointed and sometimes even hurt that they haven’t been acknowledged adequately for their […]

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Are You a ‘WHO?’

Story: In his latest blog, Peter Diamandis sparked my interest with a simple, although not simplistic premise: “When most entrepreneurs (including me) face a challenge, our first reaction is to ask: ‘how do I solve this problem?’ My coach, Dan Sullivan (CEO of Strategic Coach), taught me a powerful management shortcut for success. Don’t ask […]

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The Gift of Becoming a Teacher

Story: Can you see in your mind’s eye the visual of a person who is phenomenal at their craft? It may be the carpenter, baker, or proverbial candlestick maker. Each area of work is populated by a few of these folks. In most cases these people were not prodigies. They just worked with relentless purpose […]

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New Podcast on Five Star Performance!

Hey everyone! Check out this new podcast on Five Star Performance, where we discuss a ton of fun topics ranging from how to deliver the best customer service to etiquette on coffee at the office. 


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