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Mother Mary and What’s Ahead?

Key Point: My mother Mary is 88 years old and has seen a lot of changes in her life. Yet, relatively speaking, her experience has been mostly linear or incremental over nine decades. The changes in front of us however, will be exponential rather than linear. So what does that mean? My sweet mom is […]

Accountability Be Accountable

Wednesday Q/A on Personal Leadership

To our readers,  Welcome to our latest installment of a Lorne Rubis Q/A series. We’ve accumulated some popular leadership questions, and below are Lorne’s answers to them. We plan to release these every-other Wednesday. We’d like to encourage you to participate, see below on how to contribute!  1. “Hey Lorne, is it still relevant to get […]

Personal leadership

‘Trickies’ Related to Modern Marketing

Key Point: The world of marketing is getting turned upside down, yet it remains so much the same. Sellers always look to find ways to emotionally connect so we might purchase products. How do we navigate through it? I just attended the kick-off of the 2018 SXSW extravaganza in Austin, TX. So many insights are […]


Let’s Call B.S.!

Key Point: It’s time to call out companies and organizations that do nothing to advance humankind. And as part of misguided missions, it is also time to scream “B.S” when institutions populate and propagate value statements that are more spin than truth. “I will work for the hottest company in the world.” That was the […]


Mundare, Alberta & Self-Efficacy

Key Point: The story you tell yourself about you is vital. You ARE the author, and like any good tale it usually has a plot with many ups and downs. How will it end? Mundare, Alberta, has a population of about 800 folks and is the consummate small, prairie town (and as seen above, renowned […]


Garbage Men Dave and Rudy Teach Us WOW

Key Point: Our company has a value based on WOWing each other on a daily basis. I often have people look at me in bewilderment when we discuss this, like “how could I possibly do that in my role?” Well, look for guidance from Nova Scotia garbage men Dave and Rudy. You may want to […]

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