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Hot Topic Friday: April 19

  Happy Friday everyone! Here are some Hot Topics that caught my attention this week. Hot Topic 1: Phone Love! Source: New York Times,  Samantha Irby, comedy writer. What it’s About: Irby writes a brilliant, somewhat tongue-in-cheek article about how we love our phones in spite of everything we know to be harmful about our […]

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Don’t Be an Ass!

Problem: Organizations can often be too vague and wishy washy regarding expectations of employee behavior. I think most organizations want to state values positively, and I support that general direction. However, sometimes we just have to be more direct. I believe the “DO NOT DO THIS” approach is more straightforward and impactful to help each […]

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Lead In With Lorne – How to Avoid Fast Food Relationships

    In this episode of Lead In With Lorne, we’re talking about the idea of fast food relationships. Don’t just drive-thru your connections with others. What did you do to advance your relationship with the people you connect with? Remember, connect before content, slow down and make an actual connection with the people you […]

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Hot Topic Friday: April 12 Newsletter

  Happy Friday everyone! Here are some Hot Topics that caught my attention this week. Hot Topic 1: Modern Coaching for New Leaders. Source: Forbes, Susan Galer. What it’s About: Forbes published an interesting article featuring a leadership coaching platform called Sounding Board. The startup uses a proprietary “Sound Coaching” methodology, assigning coaches (trained contractors) […]

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Culture Cast – How Do We Stay Relevant in 2019?

  In season 3, episode 10, Lorne and Lynette discuss staying relevant in today’s rapidly changing professional landscapes. How do we find new, creative ways to reinvent ourselves?  From attending conferences to utilizing free online resources, everyone is armed with the ability to watch, read, listen to and intentionally consume content that can keep us […]

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When Happiness is Overtaken by Joy

The Problem: Individualism and the “hustle,” a term that seems to be at the center of pop culture vocabulary these days, may be overrated? David Brooks, New York Times columnist, presents a thought provoking view on this topic in an column entitled “The Moral Peril of Meritocracy.” He describes the nature of two mountain lives. […]

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