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Dinner of Truth

Key Point: Becoming more self-aware is just plain hard. I’m reading Tasha Eurich’s great book “Insight”, which is a comprehensive tour on the subject. It’s an important read. The painful truth is that we all have blind spots and yet most people around us are reluctant to share insights or feedback that might be perceived […]

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Disrupted Assumptions

Key Point: What if most assumptions that we currently make about the world were disrupted? Well, that was the most profound impact to me personally after ruminating over the Singularity Summit I attended in Toronto last week. Yes, the exponential technology introduced at the conference included much of what I’ve written about in previous blogs, […]


Personal and Exponential

Key Point: The Singularity University Canada Summit‘s (currently underway in Toronto, Ontario) mission is to inspire and enable more Canadians to think BIG, take risks to drive global impact for the advancement of humankind. (Singularity U is doing this worldwide, and online). To kick things off at the summit, one of the world’s most influential […]

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How Do You View the World?

Key Point: Do you believe we are living in the most exciting and wonderful time with abundant opportunities in front of us? Or do you think the world is “going to hell” and falling apart? Or perhaps a little of both? Certainly when we experience horrifying events like the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, […]


Expand Our ‘Us’

Key Point: Why are we so afraid? Why do we narrow down our “us” when we feel threatened? Of course, it may be because the threat of losing something to “them” is real, and/or perceived to be the case, even if there is little or no evidence to place blame on identifiable others. This is […]


Terrific Teaming Versus Great Teamwork

Key Point: Powerful and effective TEAMING is an emerging necessity for adaptive results and organization sustainability. TEAMING has evolved from historical notions attributed to teams and teamwork.  Of course, teamwork has and will always be important. However, TEAMING versus great teamwork is both subtly yet profoundly different. This coming week, I am privileged to have […]


Make Me Rich or Die Trying!

Key Point: “9 to 5 is for the weak.” That is the slogan on a popular t-shirt. And my recent three-week vacation gave me a little white space to reflect on how people, including me, use their precious 24 daily hours. It’s duly noted that some people like “Crush It” guru, Gary Vaynerchuk, tells his […]


We’re Back!!

  Hi Readers, Key Point: Garrett and I have really missed sharing our collective voice with you. We took a little break and at the same time recognized it was necessary to refresh the “old” website. We had to take the site down, which made our time away a little longer than we planned. […]