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Hi Readers,

Key Point: Garrett and I have really missed sharing our collective voice with you. We took a little break and at the same time recognized it was necessary to refresh the “old” Lornerubis.com website. We had to take the site down, which made our time away a little longer than we planned. So, what’s new with Lornerubis.com?

The legacy site was six years old and outdated in content and functionality. It needed to be modernized in many ways. While we’re still working some minor bugs out, we encourage you to visit the new site and hope you find this route valuable. The site’s searchability has improved significantly, and there is a lot more informative content in addition to the blogs. At the same time, all the blogs we’ve written every week for the past six years are archived for your reference. Our Culture Cast podcasts are there too, (stay tuned for Season 2 starting in late October). Speaking of our podcasts, thank you for responding to our survey and the unanimous support for more. We asked and listened to your suggestions so we will be doing additional topics on leadership, innovation and culture with more real world insights that translate into action. We will be continuously adding new resource content to Lornerubis.com as the site and your interests evolve. And those of you who have subscribed will automatically get the blog emailed Tuesday and Friday mornings (Pacific Time) per usual.

The new theme of the refreshed website is Personal Leadership. It is based on the premise that the gateway to effectively leading others always starts with each of us first. While the Character Triangle consisting of the values of Self-Accountability, Respect and Abundance will always be foundational, the scope of the website content will focus on the full range of material driving transformative leadership and cultural advancement. We hope to challenge, inspire, provoke, enrich, and meaningfully contribute to your personal leadership journey. Like we often state, “You’re worth it!”

Thanks for being part of our community and helping us to continue improving our voice.


P.S. Special thanks to the great web team at ATB who took this web re-design on as an extra project. This was WAY beyond and added to an already very heavy work load for all of them. You can see their professional work in the design. I cannot express my appreciation adequately.

One Millennial View: I’m absolutely thrilled to be back in the saddle for the new installment of Lornerubis.com. The update looks amazing, and I too would like to thank the efforts of the ATB team that designed the awesome new site. I know we’re both pumped that it’s making a big comeback, especially at a point where Personal Leadership is a topic that’s very important for me to focus on. I look forward to continuing to share a Millennial View with all of our great readers! Thanks for sticking around!

– Garrett

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis

Singularity University and Abundance

Abundance Be Abundant Personal leadership


Key Point: Acting with abundance is a way of life and in my view, THE only way. Those of you that have read my book The Character Triangle,” are aware that I emphasized this vital value of “Abundance,” seven years ago when I first wrote about it. It was very gratifying to attend Singularity University in Silicon Valley last week and to see the slide presented in the photo below. Singularity is a powerful voice of influence and impact regarding exponential thinking and adaptability performance. Organizations setting a breakthrough pace in the world are truly exponentially better than competitors. Abundance is a key value underlying Singularity and a necessary foundation for exponential performance. Note the way Singularity compares Scarcity versus Abundance: 


I particularly want to point out the bottom column comparing thinking small versus having a 10x mindset. Scarcity people scoff at the idea of thinking 10x. They feel it’s unrealistic and get hung up on how literal the idea is, rather than accepting the “moonshot” inspiration as an accelerant. Subsequently, scarcity people get exactly what they think; small improvements of “sameness,” often copying whatever industry practice prevails. This leaves a big “hole” for a competitor, typically a disruptor, to find that innovative breakthrough. They bring the 10x thinking to life and all the “sameness” people stand together watching. 

Character Moves:

  1. If you don’t know about Singularity University, I strongly urge you to find out more about them. If you don’t know what exponential organizations are doing, you’ll learn when they consume your job/business. 
  1. Where are you on the Scarcity versus Abundance scale? Where is your organization on the same? Learn what being abundant really means from a behavioral perspective. If we all acted with an abundant framework, the entire world would be better from a personal and world viewpoint. 

Always Abundant in The Triangle,


One Millennial View: What a great comparative slide from Singularity University. It’s amazing how one could ever choose Scarcity over Abundance when the differences are that clear, but obviously many organizations do. If these were applied to personality traits, which person would you like to have dinner with? The Scarcity minded person, or the Abundance minded person? I’m making reservations with Abundance every time.

– Garrett

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis

Kiss My ALS and The #IceBucketChallenge

Be Abundant


Key Point: Abundance by nature is more than being positive. It includes the spirit of being generous and expansive. When you have this value built into your character, you make the world a better place.

The #IceBucketChallenge has overtaken North America the last few weeks. And I believe it is a powerful, fun way to bring attention to the devastating disease, ALS (commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease). You may have had your fill of ice bucket videos, but if you want to watch a couple, the following by a 26-year-old diagnosed with ALS and the one by Bill Gates are two ends of the continuum… Literally. And if you want a more literary trip to better understand the incredible toll the disease takes, read a previous New York Times best seller, Tuesdays With Morrie, which has been enjoyed by millions.

Recently, I was listening to a radio show interviewing critics of the challenge. The complaints ranged from the “silliness of the stunt” and the selfie focus, to the most oft sited concern that the attention to ALS would take away from contribution to other charities. Really? The reason I want to comment on negativity towards the viral #IceBucketChallenge is that it is representative of another “disease” I see all too often… SCARCITY. That’s when people like to diminish or contract versus celebrating and expanding. In the world of organizations, scarcity includes people who like to minimize the success or accomplishments of others for whatever reason. Cultures that are riddled with a scarcity mentality are prone to put more energy into resisting and attacking the success of others. It’s surprising how negatively effective they can be.

Character Moves:

  1. Embrace abundance as a way of thinking and acting (even though there can be underlying pull towards being cynical or critical). This doesn’t mean being naive or turning a blind eye to constructive criticism. However, the lean towards emphasizing the goodness of something successful or excellent most often leads us to a better place to build from. Regarding the ALS challenge, why not try and understand what caught the imagination of people versus criticizing the viral nature of this phenomenon?

Note: To date the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised $79.7 million (and growing)… In comparison, Time Magazine reports that the group only raised $2.2 million during the same period in 2013.

Dumping ice water on scarcity in The Triangle,


One Millennial View: Yeah, I’ve heard the criticisms too. I work with or have been around those who argue the #IceBucketChallenge is “self serving,” or even a “waste of water.” REALLY?  If you find it self-serving, don’t post your video to Facebook, just send your video to the person that nominated you. Also, check out my favorite by #43, G. W. Bush. BTW I think that millennials are the most active in this challenge for the right reasons to bring attention to ALS while also having fun. 

– Garrett

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis


Accountability Books Change


For the past few weeks my blogs have addressed some key ways to set your 2013 on the right path – from exploring the notion of Eudaimonia to avoiding burnout at work. Much like the one-off, annual strategic planning of yesteryear, I appreciate that New Year’s Resolutions have evolved into a more dynamic and on-going process.

Sure, January is always an excellent time to focus on our health and wellbeing, especially if the holiday season involved some overindulging. Naturally, the beginning of the year is a great time to think about personal and professional goals for the months ahead. Unfortunately, if you are like 25 percent of the population, you may have given up already. Check out this nifty infographic from via Mediabistro.

The good news is that if you’ve faltered a bit over the past few weeks, you’re certainly not alone. And don’t be discouraged because personal growth opportunities don’t end in Jan. In fact, now is the time to revisit what you want to accomplish. Take a moment to check in and identify what is going well and what isn’t. Would you welcome an approach to a personal development system that is sustainable? Read on.

 One of the biggest reasons people fail on the resolution front is that they haven’t established a foundation for success. Studies show that long lasting changes occur when we shift our habits. You may recall that I wrote about the importance of building keystone habits a few months ago. Making a resolution alone isn’t enough to achieve results; you must turn those goals into positive new habits. When you understand that an effective resolution is a behavior change and a process, you can see how this, along with benchmarks and measurements along the way, become crucial. So this year, I want to give you a reliable method to drive continuous, sustainable, personal improvement.

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new eBook, The Character Triangle Companion: A 30-Day Character Kick Start to an Even Better You. It is designed to help you focus on one of the key principles (Accountability, Respect or Abundance) for 30 days, providing you with the framework to refresh your outlook, improve your relationships and get things done. The best part about it is that you can apply it continuously.

Even better and exclusively on Amazon, it is FREE to you, friends and family BUT ONLY until Feb. 6. After that it will be widely available and retail for $8.99. Click here to download the FREE eBook and get started today.

If you choose to accept this challenge, best of luck to you! Enjoy your 30 days and if you can make the time, let me know how it’s going by emailing me, lorne@lornerubis.com, Tweet @LorneRubis, and/or post to my Facebook page. Here’s to making 2013 a year of sustainable personal character development for an even better you.

Resolution Evolution in the Triangle,



Would You Win in an Attribute Contest?

Abundance Be Abundant Collaboration Management


Key Point: Attribute talent wins! One of the common questions I get from people at all levels in organizations is, “When will all the chaos stop? When will we get past all the change going on?” My response is, “NEVER.” Some days or months may be less or more hectic than others but the whirlwind will not stop or slow down. I actually believe that turbulence will increase. The reasons? We will experience even more of the following: Intense global competition, constant technology revolution, rapid innovation, and unpredictable geopolitical turbulence. A business model or revenue stream… Even an organization… Can disappear in a breathtaking few months. No value – no money – no work. Literally nothing is certain, except “death and taxes” as the old saying goes.

So here is an assumption about people and work I deeply believe in: The competition for top talent will become more ATTRIBUTE intense than ever. I do expect to hire very smart people who are exceptionally proficient in performing certain skills. But a great formal education is table stakes to just get in the talent competition pool. However if I can hire a hungry, self-accountable, respectful, abundant thinking individual who is capable of connecting, translating, collaborating and creating… WE THRIVE and SUCCEED in a sustainable way! Why? People with these attributes realize THEY are the key to defining and contributing to success. They are mega collaborators. They do not depend on somebody leading “change” because improvement, growth, and personal change management is built into their mindset. This type of talent is happy to be engaged AND engaged to be happy! They expect to navigate through tough challenges and even seek out that kind of environment. Agility helps define who they are. They are content and yet realize good is the enemy of great. And the better lead the organization, the greater leverage and value results from this attribute talent.

Character Move:

  1. When you think about how much you’re improving, think about describing it in terms of attributes along with numeric results. The good news is that the distinguishing variables to find these desired attributes are not necessarily resident in any particular age, gender, IQ, size, shape, GPA, University, country, or region. They are evident through results and behavior.
  2.  Self-evaluate and build a development plan on the following attributes: A. Self-accountability, B. Respect, C. Abundance, D. Hunger, E. Connector, F. Creator, G, Translator, H. Catalyst, I. Collaborator. These are not necessarily ALL of the right attributes but they are a great list to work from.
  3. If you were asked to provide a story as evidence of how you have displayed each of these attributes and achieved results that have had an impact and inspired others, how would you do? If you haven’t been asked to do so, expect that you might in the very near future.

Attributes in the Triangle,