Please take advantage of these free resources to learn more about and develop your personal leadership skills and goals. Many of these tools and tactics can be used every single day. Try it out and let me know how it’s working for you.


The Character Triangle Companion Worksheet

The 30 Day Character Challenge is a goal and results tracking spreadsheet designed to consciously monitor how you lead yourself as guided by the 3 values of the Character Triangle.

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Lorne Rubis on YouTube

To help you better understand a few of the leadership tools I use every day, I’ve created short videos to share these thoughts. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and continue learning about leadership.

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Effective Communication: It’s About Them Not You

STP: 3 Steps to Problem Solving in Work and Life

Water for the Elephants: Do What You Love


The Character Triangle

This book examines and defines the three distinct but interdependent values that, if applied in our daily thoughts and actions, are a playbook for attaining rewards in any type of work or life situation.

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The Character Triangle - Build character, have an impact and inspire others. Book.

The Character Triangle Companion

In my follow up book you’ll learn how to identify your life’s purpose, find your motivation and consciously practice the core values to help you inspire others and live with greater character.

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The Character Triangle Companion. A 30 day kick start to build an even better you. Book.