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Join my Toronto-based leadership coach and consultant, Lynette Turner, and me as we tackle topics and issues relevant to today’s organizations.
We explore emerging trends in leadership—from organizational culture and social organization transformation, to how technology is exponentially changing the face of what we consider effective work and leadership.

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Lead In With Lorne – How to Avoid Fast Food Relationships

    In this episode of Lead In With Lorne, we’re talking about the idea of fast food relationships. Don’t just drive-thru your connections with others. What did you do to advance your relationship with the people you connect with? Remember, connect before content, slow down and make an actual connection with the people you […]

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Culture Cast – How Do We Stay Relevant in 2019?

  In season 3, episode 10, Lorne and Lynette discuss staying relevant in today’s rapidly changing professional landscapes. How do we find new, creative ways to reinvent ourselves?  From attending conferences to utilizing free online resources, everyone is armed with the ability to watch, read, listen to and intentionally consume content that can keep us […]

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Lead In With Lorne – Why Having Fun at Work is so Vital

  In this episode of Lead In With Lorne, we’re discussing the importance of having fun at work. In the aftermath of April Fool’s Day, Lorne shares his story of pranking a group of professionals during his recent experience at Unreasonable Future 2019, their reaction, and how incorporating laughter and fun in your organizations helps […]

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Culture Cast – Why Storytelling at Work is so Important

In season 3, episode 9, Lorne and Lynette discuss the importance of storytelling to make WOW statements and accomplish your objectives in your professional and personal lives. It’s tough to convince people by just providing the data. It’s much more effective when you can relay the information through an emotional connection by crafting a memorable […]

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Lead In With Lorne – Stop Guessing and Try it Out Fast

  In this episode of Lead In With Lorne, I’m here at 1440 Multiversity in Santa Cruz, CA, where I had the privilege of hearing from Google X co-founder Tom Chi. His message was: Have less guess-a-thons at work, and don’t only hear from the highest title or loudest contributor attending our meetings. Instead, find […]

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Culture Cast – What Being ‘People First’ Really Means

In season 3, episode 8, Lorne and Lynette discuss being “People First,” and what the heck that really means. Too many leaders are still focused on being “customer first.” While it’s important to be customer obsessed, we discuss the extreme value that organizations experience when they provide the best conditions for the PEOPLE that work […]

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