Culture Cast: Why to Disrupt, Transform and Switch to Google G-Suite

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Hey Culture Cast fans! In Season 2, Episode 2, Lorne and Lynette discuss their Work Reimagined program that implemented a company wide Google G-Suite transformation. They look inside “why?” they decided to make the transformation, and take a deep dive into change management and how to influence 5,000+ people to make a big, disruptive adjustment. 

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Hey Character Triangle fans! Listen to this latest Culture Cast podcast featuring Lorne Rubis and Lynette Turner, where they discuss the blog “I Love Purple Chicks.” The big 1-0! Double digits! Being receptive to ideas, no matter where they come from, is a key leadership trait. And this naturally leads to the idea that people can be leaders at every level of an organization. This episode explores the idea that this trend is inescapable and how if you don’t find a way to paint your chickens purple, you’re going to be somebody’s buffet. Please listen via Soundcloud and iTunes and don’t be shy to comment and give us a rating (preferably 5 stars), it really helps us out! 

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