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Lead In With Lorne – Why Do People Employ You?

  Ask yourself, why do you think people employ you? Learn from this milkshake story, think about what YOU are providing at work, and why people decided to make you part of their journey. Enjoy it on the YouTube video embedded below, or audio listeners can hear it on SoundCloud now too (iTunes coming in […]

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Why Are We Experiencing a Crisis of Misunderstanding?

The problem and opportunity: We seem to be experiencing a crisis of misunderstanding in too many workplaces and society overall. Today, it is too convenient and comfortable to stay in one’s “bunker,” looking at the world exclusively through our own perspective. Wonderful internet based tools like FaceTime, or other live streaming apps are helpful, yet […]

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Hot Topic Friday: April 26

  Happy Friday! Here are my April 26 Hot Topics relating to advancing leadership and culture. Hot Topic 1: Transformations in Organizations Will Only Succeed if You Answer This Question. Source: McKinsey & Company, Stephen Hall. What it’s About: Renowned consultant organization, McKinsey & Company, published an instructive article regarding what serious, successful organizations do […]

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