Just Friggin’ Dance

Key Point: I think one of the benchmarks of great company culture is when an entire group of people regardless of connection, age, tenure, gender, affiliation, etc. has the ability to literally dance with each other. I have been part of at least five great cultures in my career, and that has been one key common component – We have loved to dance in each other’s company. I’m actually talking about flat out arms flailing, spinning, twirling, unabashed dancing. Often, singing at the top of our lungs too.

I’m hardly a great dancer. However, there is something magical, even surreal, when a team puts on the tunes (perhaps too loudly) and just lets loose on the dance floor. I think I like it so much because we have to be vulnerable. We get to unravel a little, and that puts us on a level playing field. How glorious it is. 

I don’t sponsor any event that doesn’t involve music. It moves us, and because we are verbs, I think it feeds us like oxygen. All of us have something inside us that makes us want to move and music/dancing sets us free. I put no judgment on the folks sitting on the sidelines. Sometimes part of enjoying the dance is in the people watching. That is adding to the experience too. We all embrace dance in different ways. 

My last team was notoriously badass for dancing. Our annual conference post-dinner dance is legendary. I loved heading to my hotel room, mopping the sweat off my head after a couple of hours of just flat out grooving. There is something cathartic about the freedom, autonomy, trust, and self-confidence that is unleashed through dance. 

I’m writing about this because corporate life must involve huge amounts of fun. And when leaders let go and show their true, goofy, authentic self, then good things happen. Freeing ourselves sets others in the culture free. I know sometimes when I’m lost in my total “dance,” the music pulsating through me, I look like a “fool.” Maybe people are laughing at me? I do NOT care! The freedom… The authenticity… The movement… My letting go in pure, sweet joy, is most important!

Character Moves:

  1. Just close your eyes and dance… Play loud music every chance you get. Let go and have fun. Be real. 
  2. Consciously make music part of everything. It makes a difference. More importantly, have the courage to get up and dance your ass off. Like I always say, you’re worth it! 

Dancing in the Triangle,


P.S. If you think I’m exaggerating, ask my last team. I’m betting testimonials appear. They make me happy!!

One Millennial View: For my money, there’s one true inspiration for the perfect way to get after a dance floor… (Other than Dad, of course…) Here it is:

If anyone finds a “Dan Aykroyd School of Dance,” let me know.

– Garrett

Edited and published by Garrett Rubis

  1. Kelly Schindel says:

    You’re definitely not exaggerating, Lorne! Whenever you talk about dancing, I always side whisper to the person beside me and say ‘he really means it, and it’s awesome…’ I remember at a conference a year or so after you joined ATB, the dancing portion of the evening started a little more formally, with a band teaching us to line dance. It was silly, goofy and wonderful…and it started a chain reaction. As the evening progressed and the ‘less formal’ dancing began, people were immortalized. We’re always going to ask Rima to dance to ‘All About that Bass’, and Christoff will always need to do the worm on request. Gone is the need for ‘comfort in dance lessons’, and each year once the music starts the dance floor fills. It has become a legendary part of each conference. There’s a power in the vulnerability of locking eyes with someone across the dance floor who is making the same ‘All the Single Ladies’ arm movements as me. And then the next week we’ll work side by side, or virtually, with each other and without saying it I know that we know each other better. We’ve seen each other in all our wonderful, spirited, human loveliness.
    And you’ve just inspired me to add a learning event to the summer schedule of learning that teaches the power of Google Hangouts video calls through a virtual dance party 🙂
    Thanks for always bringing the moves!

  2. BAM says:

    What a great Friday blog!! I might have to incorporate this into the Friday morning huddles! Happy Friday!! Dancing in the

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