March Through March With 20 Essential TED Talks

Accountability Be Accountable Thought leadership Video


Key Point: each of us needs to continuously develop ourselves regardless of the positions we have in any organization. The TED talk series is a superb and efficient vehicle for personal development. Schedule and watch the top 20 in the month of March!

Online Universities has done a wonderful job of capturing 20 essential TED talks for personal leadership development.


Character Move:

  1. Review the Top 20 essential TED talks for leaders by clicking on the Online Universities link above.
  2. Schedule time in March to watch the ten videos that interest you the most and treat each as a top priority meeting. Do not cancel! You and your personal development are priorities.
  3. Journal in your mobile phone, tablet or laptop one important thing you learned from each, and the action(s) you can take as a result. (If you haven’t already done so, consider starting a personal development folder of lessons you’ve learned.)
  4. At the end of March review what you’ve learned and actions you’ve taken as a result of watching the TED Talks videos.
  5. Share your learnings with others.

TED and your development in The Character Triangle,